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Pencil Drawing of James

This is a pencil drawing of my friend James.   It’s my second attempt and I feel much better about this one.  I think I have just a few small things to work on and it should be finished.  I was very conscientious of trying to have an “economy of line” while drawing him.  I find that a drawing can become rather busy looking when dealing with a long beard like his.  I also wanted to have the major focus be on his head and beard and just have his body fade off with only the collar of his shirt to imply his chest area.


Pencil drawing portrait



Painting a Portrait of Vince Lombardi

I’m ashamed to say that I haven’t posted on here in MONTHS!  I won’t even try to make an excuse because it just boils down to updating the site with my recent work.

Anyway, here is a painting I’ve been working on of legendary Green Bay Packers coach Vince Lombardi.  I had a photo of him lying around in my studio and I thought I’d try a sepia toned portrait of him.  A bit of an exercise for me but I kinda like the direction it’s going.  Any type of feed back would be greatly appreciated. – Dave


My recent painting of Vince Lombardi