a look at one artist's experience in NYC

Looking for a Studio in Brooklyn, NY

Some major rumblings in my house are going on right now.  I’m actually talking with my wife about getting a studio again.  Ever since we bought our house in Brooklyn five years ago, I haven’t had a studio.  The decision back then was that it was going to be tough to make both the mortgage and the studio payment, so something had to give.  The studio lost out.  That decision subsequently set me on a path of putting my brushes down entirely and thinking that “the painting thing” was over.  More than ever though I’m feeling that I need to paint again and our house just isn’t big enough to dedicate space for a studio.  The great thing is that my wife Suzi is totally supportive and believes I need to do it for my overall sanity (I think it may be more for hers).   The challenge will be to find something in Brooklyn that is reasonably priced and close to home.  Since I live in one of the highest priced real estate markets in the country (Park Slope)- this is going to be one tough task.

Let the search begin.


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