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Trying a Water Soluble Pencil Again

Last night I thought I’d pull out my water soluble pencils and try a quick sketch of my son Sebastian.  I don’t have much experience with these type of pencils but every time I try them I really enjoy the experience.  The graphite is water soluble and therefore the pencils can be used for line or washes. I only used a HB pencil on this particular drawing so the value range was pretty limited.   If you’ve never used them I strongly suggest giving them a try- especially if you have a difficult time building a drawing through the use of tone.  These allow you to put down large sections of tone with a simple pass of your brush.  I also find that they free me up a bit with my initial pencil marks because I know they’ll ultimately be used in a wash.   Also, if you find that you have a hard time building a drawing strictly by using line, these I feel allow you to bridge the gap between drawing and painting.

More to come.



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