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Sketching Two Women on the Subway

Yesterday I rode the subway because I had to go into the city to do some work at the New York Historical Society.  Even though the trains were jam packed I was still able to do two quick sketches of two separate women sitting across from me.  The first was of an asian women who had fallen asleep in a rather uncomfortable position.  She didn’t move a muscle for at least 5 stops.  The biggest challenge was just trying to see through the crowd of people standing in my way.  The second sketch I did was of a women who had the hood of her rain coat pulled up over her head.  She too was asleep.  I wish I had a little more time to work on this sketch because I really liked how the coat framed her face.

Overall I felt pretty good about both sketches and I look forward to drawing New Yorkers as the temperature keeps dropping and their clothing choices keep changing.  You never know what you’ll see.



Painting a Portrait of Shlomo

Something that I’ve always enjoyed doing is painting portraits.  I find it to be the most challenging type of painting.  It’s a constant back and forth with trying to find a likeness of the person.  Sometimes it can evolve rather quickly and without much struggle, but usually it is a battle to see if one can push through self doubt, frustration and the push and pull of finding that sweet spot that ultimately resembles the sitter.  When I feel I’ve really nailed it though is when I also capture a bit of the personality of the person and not just a painting of their face.  This small portrait of  Shlomo, a family friend, is an example of where I feel I did just that.

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Shlomo (12″ x 16″)