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Figure Drawing with Rust

I went to the Brooklyn Arts Gym again yesterday for figure drawing and thought I’d try shaking off a bit more of the rust.  Drawing the figure is still the most humbling experience for me.  There are so many things to think about when drawing the human form and in the end you don’t want to be thinking that much at all.  You really just want your arm and hand to move in unison while your eyes scan the figure.

Unfortunately I didn’t feel that way last night.  Again, I felt my marks were a bit apprehensive and I could never get in the flow of things.  Especially during the gestures I just felt that everything was a bit labored.  I definitely caught myself thinking way too much which only enhanced how stiff I felt.

I know the rust still needs to come off  and the feeling I once had when drawing the figure will slowly come back.  For now I’ll be happy with the slow progress.