a look at one artist's experience in NYC


Jody, Pencil on Paper

I’ve enjoyed drawing a couple of the guys at work so much that I’ve decided to go ahead and sketch all of them.  My two bosses, Pat and Dennis, approached me and wanted to know if I’d be up for having them on the company’s website.   I think the idea is to have them accompany each guy’s bio.

Here is a drawing of my friend Jody.  He presented a bit of a challenge because of some very subtle curves and characteristics in his face.  He was definitely a struggle to get but once I zeroed in on what truly makes up the unique qualities of his face, I felt I captured his likeness quite well.

portrait drawing

Jody, pencil on paper


A Drawing of Ian

The other night I decided to try and draw my friend Ian.   I pushed it a little further than the drawing I did of James and built the volume of his head a lot more.  Overall I’m pleased with the result but think I’ll probably attempt another one soon.  It’s always fun drawing someone with so much character in their face.

pencil drawing of Ian

pencil drawing of Ian

Pencil Drawing of James

This is a pencil drawing of my friend James.   It’s my second attempt and I feel much better about this one.  I think I have just a few small things to work on and it should be finished.  I was very conscientious of trying to have an “economy of line” while drawing him.  I find that a drawing can become rather busy looking when dealing with a long beard like his.  I also wanted to have the major focus be on his head and beard and just have his body fade off with only the collar of his shirt to imply his chest area.


Pencil drawing portrait

Riding the Subway in Winter

The other day I jumped on the F train and pulled out my sketchbook to draw the guy sitting across from me.  It felt good to get back to drawing people on the NYC subway again.  Here is the result. drawing-people


Painting a Portrait of Vince Lombardi

I’m ashamed to say that I haven’t posted on here in MONTHS!  I won’t even try to make an excuse because it just boils down to updating the site with my recent work.

Anyway, here is a painting I’ve been working on of legendary Green Bay Packers coach Vince Lombardi.  I had a photo of him lying around in my studio and I thought I’d try a sepia toned portrait of him.  A bit of an exercise for me but I kinda like the direction it’s going.  Any type of feed back would be greatly appreciated. – Dave


My recent painting of Vince Lombardi

Passed out on the F Train

The other day I was riding the F Train in Brooklyn and sat across from a woman that was actually snoring she was so deep in sleep.  I pulled out my sketchbook and did this quick drawing of her before I had to get off.  After all, I knew she wasn’t going anywhere.  I only wish I had a few more stops so that I could’ve continued.


Subway Sketching

I had to do some work this week at the American Museum of Natural History and was able to do a few more quick sketches of people riding the subway.  I normally don’t ride the subway when it’s so crowded and I had a challenging time trying to see around people in order to draw the person sitting directly across from me.  These were two that seemed to work out alright.



Two Tired New Yorkers

A few days ago I had to take the subway again into the city and was able to do a few sketches of two people sitting across from me –asleep of course.   I think I should do a series of drawings titled “asleep on the train.”   It seems to be a common element.

Search for a Studio Mate

I’m looking for someone to share a studio space with me here in Brooklyn (Park Slope).   The ideal person would use it during the day 9-5 and I’d use it more in the evening and weekends. It’s perfect for writers, jewelry makers, artists or anyone looking for a creative environment to just get away and do some work.   I don’t want to divide the space with a wall and would rather leave it open with a possible curtain that could be pulled across the middle of the space if need be.  It’s $525 per month and is an incredible space with plenty of light and high ceilings.

Here are a few photos of the space.  The current tenant is leaving the end of this month.

Please comment if interested.


Male Model and Saturday Open Drawing

Another Saturday and another open drawing session at Brooklyn Arts Gym.  Today we had an african american male model that was quite muscular.  I did a few different drawings of him but felt this one was probably the best of the bunch.  As you can see, I concentrated most of my time on his head.